VLESP is a collaboration between the Unit for Suicide Research (EZO) and the Flemish Suicide Prevention Centre (CPZ).. Since 2019 Werkgroep Verder, Zorg na een Suïcidepoging and the support function for the Suïcidepreventiewerking van de Centra voor Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg are part of VLESP as well.

Executive Committee


Team Communication & Media

Coordinator: Kim Van Den Berge (Communication) & Eva Dumon (Media)
Team members: Bart Witvrouwen, Nanouschka Verhamme, Lore Vonck, Ann Crombé, Kirsten Pauwels

Team Tool development and implementation

Coordinator: Renate Van Landschoot
Team members: Eva Dumon, Eva De Jaegere, Nanouschka Verhamme, Lies Pittoors, Lore Vonck, Bart Witvrouwen, Mercedes Wolters

Team Guideline Development

Coordinator: Eva Dumon

Team Training

Coordinator: Nanouschka Verhamme
Team members: Mercedes Wolters, Lore Vonck, Lies Pittoors, Bart Witvrouwen, Eva Dumon, Kim Van Den Berge

Team Suicide survivors

Coordinator: Lore Vonck
Team members: Lies Pittoors, Mercedes Wolters

Team Care after a suicide attempt

Coordinator: Lies Pittoors
Team members: Bart Witvrouwen, Mercedes Wolters

Support function Mental health centers

Coordinator: Mercedes Wolters
Team members: Lies Pittoors, Bart Witvrouwen, Lore Vonck, Nanouschka Verhamme

Information & Advice

Coordinator: Kim Van Den Berge

IT-support en Webapplications

Coordinator: Bart Witvrouwen


Ann Crombé

Looking for immediate help?

Call 1813 for the suicide helpline, or visit Zelfmoord 1813 to chat or e-mail (only in Dutch).