Publications of the VLESP team

Epidemiological report 2021

The epidemiological report includes the most recent figures on mental health problems, suicide, suicide attempts and suicidal ideation in Flanders. The Flemish figures are placed in a regional, national and international context.

download Epidemiological report 2021 (in Dutch)

Evaluation of the Flemish Action Plan on Suicide Prevention (2012-2020)

Report of the evaluation of the Flemish Action Plan on Suicide Prevention II (2012-2020).

download Evaluation VAS II (in Dutch)

Interim evaluation of the Flemish Action Plan on Suicide Prevention

Report of the interim evaluation of the Flemish Action Plan on Suicide Prevention II (2012-2020).

download Interim evaluation VAS II (in Dutch)

Detection and treatment of suicidal behavior. Multidisciplinary guideline for health professionals

This multidisciplinary guideline for the detection and treatment of suicidal behavior is meant for physicians, psychologists, therapists and nurses working in health care settings.

The guideline provides recommendations on the following subjects: 

  • Detecting suicidal thoughts and behaviour and talking about
  • Interventions to lower suicide risk 
  • What to do after a suicide attempt 
  • What to do after a suicide 
  • Developing a suicide prevention policy

To facilitate the implementation of the guideline, an e-learningwebsite was developed: (in Dutch). On this website health professionals can follow both theory- and practicebased e-learningmodules on the detection and treatment of suicidal thoughts and behaviour

Download the full guideline here (in Dutch)

Order the full guideline here (in Dutch)

Order or download the summary of the guideline here (in Dutch)

Suicide prevention in the elderly. Clinical practice guidelines for caregivers en health professionals

These guidelines support caregivers and health professionals in the detection, treatment and follow-up of suicidal behavior in elderly people.

download guideline suicide prevention in the elderly (in Dutch)

Guideline continuity of care for suicidal persons

The guideline includes recommendations and tools to improve the the continuïty of care for suicidal persons. Central themes are the collaboration and information exchange between healthcare professionals and follow-up care for suicidal patients.

download Guideline continuity of care (in Dutch)

Evaluation report Help! My child has suicidal ideations

In 2018 developed the Higher Institute for Family Studies a website to support parents with a child who has suicidal ideations. VLESP evaluated the effectiveness of the website and the satisfaction of its users with an online pilot study.

download Evaluation report Help! My child has suicidal ideations (in Dutch)

Study report 4voor12

In 2017 VLESP evaluated the campaign 4voor12 among the general public with an online survey. The effect of the campaign on knowledge, attitudes and practice towards recognizing en talking aboud signals of psychiatric problems was investigated. For morr information on this campaign, visit: (in Dutch).

download Report 4voor12 (in Dutch)

Article Think Life

Think Life is an online self-help course for coping with suicidal thoughts. This report describes the Randomised Controlled Trial that was conducted by VLESP and which showed the effectiveness of the course in reducing suicidal thoughts.

download Article Think Life

Evaluation of a website on mental well-being for LGBT

Information and testimonials on mental health and suicide prevention for LGBT persons was added to the websites of Lumi and the Transgender Infopunt. This report includes the design, results and conclusions of the evaluation and effectivity study of this new website content.

download Evaluation report of the LGBT+ website (in Dutch)

Research report LGBT study

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people frequently struggle with suicidal thoughts and suicidal behavior. This report is a masterthesis focusing on prevalence and risk factors of suicidal behaviour in this vulnerable population group. The thesis was guided by VLESP and the Transgender Infopunt (transgender information centre in Flanders).

download Research report LGBT study (in Dutch)

Inventory ’Suicide prevention targeting students’

This inventory offers an overview of promising international suicide prevention interventions targeting students and the current status of suicide prevention initiatives in Flanders targeting students in higher education (pdf in Dutch only).

download Inventory students (in Dutch)

Inventory ‘Mental health promotion and suicide prevention targeting the elderly’

This inventory provides an overview of promising interventions regarding suicide prevention and mental health promotion for elderly people by promoting social connectedness. An overview of current suicide prevention initiatives for the elderly in Flanders is provided as well.

download Inventory elderly (in Dutch)

Inventory "Suicide prevention targeting men'

Men aged between 35 and 50 are at higher risk for dying by suicide. This inventory provides an overview of (inter) national initiatives and/or methods targeting suicide prevention in men.

download Inventory men (in Dutch)

Inventory ‘Support interventions for parents with suicidal children’

In preparation of a study on the experiences and needs of parents with suicidal children, VLESP has drawn up an inventory of regional, national, and international support initiatives for parents.

download Inventory parents (in Dutch)

Coping with self-harm. A guide for parents and carers

VLESP translated a brochure on self-harm that was originally developed by the Centre for Suicide Research of Oxford University. This booklet is meant for parents and care-givers that are confronted with youth that are performing self-harm behaviour. It includes information on how self-harm can be recognized, what the possible causes and consequences are and how you can handle it as a parent or care-giver.

The brochure can be downloaded here (in Dutch).

Looking for immediate help?

Call 1813 for the suicide helpline, or visit Zelfmoord 1813 to chat or e-mail (only in Dutch).