You can contact VLESP for information and advice on the prevention of suicide. See what we can help you with and do not hesitate to contact us. To gain a better idea of what VLESP does exactly, you can find an overview of all our current and completed projects here.

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What is a partner organisation?

Partner organisations are centres with expertise in one or more areas of preventive healthcare. They make up a core within a network of expertise in the areas of disease prevention, health promotion or healthcare data management.

The partner organisations support the local health consultation and organisation (in Dutch: Logo), the organisations on the ground, individual healthcare providers and others who are responsible for the fieldwork. They provide, inter alia, information and advice, develop methods and materials and support their implementation and use.

For more information about the partner organisations of the Flemish Government, please visit the website of the Vlaams Agentschap voor Zorg en Gezondheid (Flemish Agency for Care and Health).

Who can contact VLESP?

Anyone looking for information or advice on suicide prevention, including:

  • government bodies
  • organisations and associations
  • journalists and programme makers
  • health and welfare professionals
  • students


VLESP (Vlaams Expertisecentrum Suïcidepreventie), the Flemish Expertise Centre for Suicide Prevention, wants to actively contribute towards achieving the health objective for suicide prevention, which, by 2020, seeks to reduce the number of suicides by 20% compared to 2000, and to implement the accompanying Flemish Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

To this end, VLESP wishes to make its knowledge and experience available to all the preventive forces in Flanders by stimulating the promotion of expertise, method development and networking, thus ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

VLESP wants to be known to every interested party as the gateway to reliable information and intends to use all available and appropriate communication to achieve this.

VLESP wants to carry out its mission within the framework of a prevention model, in which there is room for universal, selective and indicated prevention and which, as such, caters for the public at large, for risk groups, as well as for people who already entertain suicidal thoughts or display suicidal behaviour.

VLESP seeks to implement its mandate in the service of the Flemish Government and society as a whole, with special attention for population groups that are vulnerable to health threats due to deprivation or exposure to threats.


  • Provide a scientific base for suicide prevention in Flanders.
  • Provide the government, relevant organisations and the public at large with information, documentation and advice on suicide prevention and mental health promotion.
  • Develop science-based methods and materials on suicide prevention and mental health promotion or support its development in a scientific and methodological manner.
  • Support the implementation of methods and materials on suicide prevention and mental health promotion, including the promotion of expertise.
  • Coordinate the content and organisation of the Flemish Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

Looking for immediate help?

Call 1813 for the suicide helpline, or visit Zelfmoord 1813 to chat or e-mail (only in Dutch).