VLESP has several partners with whom we work closely:

  • FDGG: the Federation of Mental Health Services, and in particular CCG-SP: the Suicide Prevention Workers of de Mental Health Centers
  • Vlaamse Logo’s: the Flemish consultants for Local Health
  • Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven: the Flemisch Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • VVGG: the Flemisch Association for Mental Health
  • Werkgroep Verder: the field organisation for relatives after suicide
  • Zorgnet-Icuro: the network that groups organisations of care and represents the social profit in Flanders
  • Zorg voor Suïcidepogers: the prevention of suicide in the high-risk group of persons who have undertaken a suicide attempt

Looking for immediate help?

Call 1813 for the suicide helpline, or visit Zelfmoord 1813 to chat or e-mail (only in Dutch).